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Apartments Hvar

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Apartments In Croatia on the Island Hvar.

The apartments we rent on the island of Hvar in Croatia, are located in Zavala. The apartments are in a vacation house which is located close to the sea and close to the beach. Only 10m (air line) from the end of the terrace (ground floor) to the beach and to the sea!
The vacation Hvar vacation, with the apartments is situated on the south side of Hvar island, in a beautiful bay with just 6 vacation houses in the area. All apartments in this house are seafront apartments with a beautiful sea view (180° panoramic sea view). The holiday house on island Hvar consists of 5 apartments.
This bay called “Petarcica” on the island of Hvar in Croatia is characterized by crystal clear water and a quiet location.
Ideal for family vacations / holidays with children, but also for couples and divers.

The distance from our vacation home to Hvar town is approximately 20 km (air line) or 35km by car. The distance to Jelsa is 7 kilometers.

apartments | Hvar vacations

  • Apartment "Top East"
    Apartment with 2 bedrooms, ideal for 2 adults and 2 children. The apartment has approx. 40-50m², a new bathroom, the kitchen (with dishwasher) is in the floor. The apartment has also a ca. 10m² balcony with seaview.
    (To view the pictures of the apartment click the on the left image.) With 32" LCD TV.
  • Apartment "Center"
    Ideal für 2 adults (with maxiumum one child), this apartment has ca. 25m², the small kitchen is on the balcony. On the approx 8m² balcony you can cook and at the same time enjoy the seaview. With LCD TV.

  • Apartment "Arcade"
    This apartment has 3 rooms, (two bedrooms and one living room). The apartment has approx. 50-60m². This apartment has an ca. 15m² balcony with a dreamlike seaview. The apartment is perfect for 4 person but on the sofa in the living room there is also space for a 5th person. This apartment has also a complete new bathroom.
  • Apartment "Down East"
    This apartment has two bedrooms, ideal for 4 adults. The Apartment is in the ground floor under apartment "Top East". This apartment is a little bit bigger then apartment "Top East" and it has a ca. 40m² large terrace with great seaview. This apartment has also a complete new bathroom and a new kitchen with dishwasher. With TV.
  • Apartment "Terrace"
    This apartment is the largest of all our apartments we rent on Hvar island. This apartment has 4 rooms, 3 bedrooms (1 bedroom is smaller then the others it's ment for children) and a livingroom, two bathrooms (one completely new) and satelite TV. This apartment is ideal for 4 adults and 2 children. A kitchen with dishwasher is also in the apartment. The apartment has approx 85 m² + a ca. 70m² large terrace. So you have more then 150m² space.
  • All apartments in this vacation house in Zavala on the island of Hvar in Croatia have 180° seaview,
    and a balcony or terrace, a kitchen and at least one bathroom.
    There is also a highspeed WiFi internet access available.